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Creating an event on uGetTogether

  1. Go to Events -> Create an Event.
  2. If you are an organizer for more than one group, you will be asked to select the name of the group you want to create an event for.
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  4. If your selected group has one or more templates, you will be asked to select one to use (or none, if the group allows that)
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  6. The Create an Event page.
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  8. Fill in the Event Name.
  9. Select if this is a recurring event Yes or No.
    • If the event is recurring, there will be additional fields about the recurrence.
  10. Enter the Event Start Time.
  11. Enter the Event End Time.
  12. Enter the Event Description.
  13. Enter the Event Attemdance options
    • The maximum number of people who can attend
    • How many guests a member can bring with them
  14. Choose the Event Waitlist Type
    • Automatic Waitlist - When someone going cancels, the system adds the next eligible member
    • Manual Waitlist - When someone going cancels, the spot is left vacant until an organizer adds someone
    • No Waitlist - Once the maximum people have RSVPed, no one else can RSVP until/unless someone going cancels
  15. Choose the Event Visibility.
    • Visible - The event can be found by anyone searching for it
    • Semi-Hidden - The event can only be found by members of the group hosting it
    • Hidden - No one can find the event- everyone attending needs to be personally added by the organizer
  16. Enter when members can RSVP for your event, if they can't RSVP from when the event is posted until it occurs.
  17. If you want your members to answer any questions you can do this in the Questions section.
  18. Interests help people looking for events matching their interests find your event. If you do not add any, the group's interests will be used.
  19. You can Create the Event or save it as a draft.
    • No one can see the event or RSVP when it is saved as a draft

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