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Create a group on uGetTogether

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To create a group here, there are a few things you will need to decide on:

  1. A name for the group
  2. image
  3. A description for the group - this should include everything a prospective member may want to decide to join the group. If the group has requirements and/or goals, they should be included as well
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  5. Whether or not to automatically approve all who ask to join your group - if not, you, and/or people you designate would need to approve (or reject) everyone who applies to join
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  7. Questions - these are optional, and can allow you to screen prospective members and/or allow members to share information with you and other group members
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  9. The group's central location - a group (especially a travelling group) can have events all over, but this would be where the majority occur or start from (a city and state is enough)
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  11. Which interests the group will pursue
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  13. Generate invitation links (links your friends can click on to be automatically added to your new group).
    • You may create three different types of links, corresponding with the privileges:
      • Regular members
      • Organizers - these members can create events as well as event templates
      • Organizers and user admins - these members can do everything but pay for the group

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